Harmony's First 6 Months

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On July 4th we had a party at Dave and Paulines. In the future it will be my mid-year birthday party.... but at the moment it is just an excuse for Mummy and Daddy to have a party. Lots of people came to see us and most of them are in these pictures. I was very happy that Peter, Ally, William and Alex came over from Sweden.
Mum and Dad thought that me in the bath was funny. I couldn't see it myself. I went out to the cafe alot in July as the weather was so nice.
I spent some time playing with my friends Lucy and Ellie.
We went for a lovely picnic by the river in Ludlow for grandads birthday.
In October I socialised with Kay and Gerry and I started walking around more. It got cold so I had to go out snuggled up in my new hat, coat and gloves.

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