Harmony Video

Title Size Format Date Details
Infectious 2Mb MP4 (Use Quicktime) 14 Dec 05 Go on, try and keep a straight face.
Puzzle-tastic 2Mb Quicktime 04 Dec 05 No problems with this one - bring me something more difficult now, please.
Ski-ing across the living room 500K Quicktime 30 Nov 05 We're getting ready for this season's ski-trip to Austria. I think she's almost ready.
Got to get those chores done 1.5 MB Quicktime 24 May 05 Get them started early, I say.
Swing away 4.0 MB Quicktime 24 May 05  
Acrobatics 3.5 MB Quicktime 15 May 05 Oh boy, is this fun!
Ski-ing across the bedroom 6 MB Quicktime 16 Apr 05 First time on skis. Needs a bit of practice, but hey - she's only 15 months old.