Camp Sites


Important Note

The information in the table below is provided "as-is" without any guarantee to its accuracy. The comments are a rough overview based largely on memory and so should not be taken too literally. The lat/long position given has been manually transcribed (twice) and so probably contain errors.

Country Location Name Lat Long Date Comments
Spain East Coast Bush camp 40°31.59‘N 0°30.386‘E 23-10-02 Beach
Spain East Coast Bush camp 36°18.609‘N 5°15.549‘W 25-10-02 Beach
Spain 7k from Gibralta Campsite 36°15.44‘N 5°20.245‘W 26-10-02 Hot showers, washing machines, Crazy Golf
Morocco Outside Fez Campsite 33°59.217‘N 5°1.85‘W 02-11-02 Camp site, hot showers
Morocco Outside Marrakesh Bush camp 31°34.908‘N 7°42.827‘W 06-11-02 Dry river bed, soft sand
Morocco Marrakesh Hotel Ali 31°37.476‘N 7°59.401‘W 07-11-02 Hotel, dorm rooms, showers, central location
Morocco Essaouira Camp site 31°29.539‘N 9°45.779‘W 09-11-02 Campsite
Mauritania Nouadhibou Camping Abba 20°54.493‘N 17°3.215‘W 15-11-02 Campsite, tepid showers
Mauritania Mamghar Bush camp 19°20.475‘N 16°30.386‘W 18-11-02 Base for bird watching excursion
Mauritania Noukchott Auberge Nomade 18°5.341‘N 15°58.693‘W 21-11-02 Hostel with camping
Mali Outside Kayes Bush camp 14°21.321‘N 11°20.977‘W 27-11-02 Bushcamp at waterfalls
Mali Bamako Hotel Les Arbres 12°35.777‘N 8°1.184‘W 01-12-02 Bar, showers, questionable pool
Mali Djenne Don't know 13°54.368‘N 4°33.271‘W 08-12-02 Restaurant: cold beers & showers
Mali Bandaraga Auberge Kansaye 14°20.748‘N 3°36.564‘W 12-12-02 Camp on roof, bar, shower
Burkina Faso Bobo Dioulasso Casa Africa 11°10.152‘N 4°18.706‘W 14-12-02 Cold showers, washing service, private rooms
Ghana Kumasi Presbetarian Church 6°41.285‘N 1°37.273‘W 18-12-02 Showers, laundry service outside
Ghana Accra Ryan's Irish Bar 5°33.463‘N 0°10.832‘W 20-12-02 Showers, bar, decent food available
Ghana Kokrobite Big Millie's Back Yard 5°29.738‘N 0°21.935‘W 21-12-02 Beach, bar, food, cold bucket showers
Ghana Brenu Brenu Beach Resort 5°4.84‘N 1°25.363‘W 23-12-02 Bar, toilets, showers
Ghana Busua Alaska Beach Club 4°48.436‘N 1°56.261‘W 24-12-02 Beach, bar, restaurant, proper toilets, rooms
Ghana Kakum Kakum National Park 5°20.894‘N 1°23.2‘W 28-12-02 Bar, toilets, canopy walk activity
Togo Kpalime Auberge Marquise 6°54.257‘N 0°37.851‘E 07-01-03 Rooms; camping only if you force them
Togo Lome Le Ramatou 6°9.88‘N 1°18.116‘E 09-01-03 Bar, showers, good restaurant
Benin Ouidah Le Jardin Brezilien 6°19.505‘N 2°5.486‘E 11-01-03 Beach, bar - really nice
Benin Godomey Le Paradis du Soleil 6°20.893‘N 2°19.140‘E 12-01-03 Bar down the road, beach, near Cotonou
Nigeria Osogbo Jungle Comm. Centre 7°45.350‘N 4°32.329‘E 16-01-03  
Nigeria Abuja Sheraton staff carpark 9°3.838‘N 7°28.990‘E 19-01-03 Sheraton is fantastic but very expensive
Nigeria Yankari Park Wikki Warm Springs 9°45.266‘N 10°30.619‘E 24-01-03 Hot springs & wildlife park
Cameroon Maroua Relais Ferngo 10°35.44‘N 14°19.169‘E 27-01-03
Tchad Ndjamena Novotel 12°7.218‘N 15°1.512‘E 29-01-03 Camp in car park
Sudan Tchad border Immigration compound 13°25.911‘N 22°25.515‘E 02-02-03 Not very nice
Ethiopia Gondar Terara Hotel 12°36.638‘N 37°28.284‘E 15-02-03 Hot showers, cold beer, camp in garden
Ethiopia Bahir Dar Ghion Hotel 11°35.873‘N 37°23.150‘E 17-02-03 Bar, restaurant, rooms with baths
Ethiopia Addis Abbaba Bel Air Hotel 9°1.850‘N 38°46.482‘E 21-02-03 Bar, hot showers
Kenya Marsabit Church grounds 2°19.596‘N 37°59.312‘E 27-02-03
Kenya Isiolo Range Land Hotel 0°17.538‘N 37°33.453‘E 28-02-03 Hot showers, cold beers, good food
Rwanda Ruhengeri Asoferwa Hotel 1°25.933‘S 29°35.902‘E 03-03-03 Base for Gorilla trek
Uganda Lake Bunyonyi Bunyonyi Overland Camp 1°16.235‘S 29°56.396‘E 05-03-03 Bar & showers
Uganda Jinja Nile River Explorers 0°29.53‘N 33°9.908‘E 07-03-03 Hot showers, cold beers, food, rafting
Kenya Lake Naivasha Fisherman's Camp 0°49.556‘S 36°20.147‘E 11-03-03 Showers, bar, restaurant, pool table, sat. TV
Kenya Outside Nairobi Nairobi Park Services 1°21.325‘S 36°45.676‘E 13-03-03 Showers, bar, restaurant, pool table, sat. TV
Tanzania Arusha Meserani Snake Park 2°32.817‘S 36°47.208‘E 15-03-03 Full service
Tanzania Pangani River Pangani River Camp 4°36.742‘S 38°0.439‘E 25-03-03 Showers
Tanzania Dar-es-Salaam Mikadi Beach 6°49.184‘S 39°19.262‘E 26-03-03 Showers, bar, restaurant, sat. TV
Malawi Lake Malawi Kande Beach Resort 11°57.107‘S 34°7.311‘E 04-04-03 Showers, bar
Malawi Salima Steps Camp Site 13°42.950‘S 34°37.735‘E 07-04-03 Bar, Showers. Restaurant at hotel nearby
Malawi Blantyre Doogles 15°47.107‘S 35°0.339‘E 08-04-03 Full service
Zimbabwe Gweru Antelope Park 19°30.465‘S 29°43.180‘E 12-04-03 Showers, bar, restaurant. Walking with lions.
Zimbabwe Bulawayo Packer's Rest 20°9.801‘S 28°35.593‘E 14-04-03 Full service
Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Shoestrings 17°55.582‘S 25°50.118‘E 16-04-03 Showers, bar, restaurant, sat. TV
Botswana Kasane Chobe Lodge Hotel 17°48.920‘S 25°15.735‘E 20-04-03 Showers, bar, restaurant, sat. TV, pool
Botswana Maun Sitatunga Camp 20°4.510‘S 23°21.308‘E 22-04-03 Full service
Namibia Windhoek Cardboard Box Backpackers 22°33.739‘S 17°5.546‘E 26-04-03 Full service
Namibia Near Grootfontein Hoba metiorite 19°35.575‘S 17°55.966‘E 27-04-03 Meteorite
Namibia Etosha Park Namutoni Camp 18°48.297‘S 16°56.497‘E 28-04-03 Full service
Namibia Etosha Park Halali Camp 19°2.188‘S 16°28.183‘E 29-04-03 Full service
Namibia Etosha Park Okaukuejo 19°10.927‘S 15°55.17‘E 30-04-03 Full service
Namibia Otjitotongwe Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park 19°35.503‘S 15°4.48‘E 01-05-03 Showers, bar, pool
Namibia Epupa Falls Camp site 17°0.151‘S 13°14.714‘E 03-05-03 Showers
Namibia Swakopmund Gruner Krans Hotel 22°40.766‘S 14°31.715‘E 07-05-03 No camping. Showers, bar, restaurant.
Namibia Sesriem Sesriem Camp 24°29.190‘S 15°47.949‘E 11-05-03 Full service
Namibia Fish River Canyon Hobas Camp Site 27°37.214‘S 17°42.888‘E 14-05-03 Full service
Namibia Orange River Felix Unite 28°41.294‘S 17°33.483‘E 15-05-03 Showers, bar
South Africa Stellenbosh Stumble Inn 33°56.360‘S 18°51.272‘E 18-05-03 Showers, bar
South Africa Cape Town Ashanti Lodge 33°55.980‘S 18°24.726‘E 20-05-03 Full service