Picture Gallary


This is just a small selection of the 2500 photos we took over seven months in Africa.

In addition to the general images on this page, we have pages for images of Kilimanjaro and the Cheetah Park in Namibia. Ben Hovland has supplied us with some of the pictures that he took while in Africa as well.

Truck Life

Our route through Africa
Debs paints the side of Priscilla, the truck


Debs and lion cub at Antelope Park, Zimbabwe
A lion having a drink at Antelope Park, Zimbabwe
A rhino and baby near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Steve and an elephant
Steve swimming on an elephant at Antelope Park, Zimbabwe
A leopard hiding in a tree, Serengeti, Tanzania
Buffalo, Serengeti, Tanzania
Gorilla, Parc National des Volcanes, Rwanda
Debs loves jackals
A giraffe
Monkey from Ghana
An oryx in Etosha park, Namibia
Zebra and wildebeest at a watering hole, Serengeti, Tanzania


The tannery in Fez, Morocco


Sunset over the ocean


Steve has a drum lession


Group dinner at Carnivore restaurant, Nairobi, Kenya
Group dinner at McLucky's, Kartoum, Sudan
Richy, Kaz and Paul at Lake Naivasha, Kenya
Richy and Kaz at Carnivore restaurant, Nairobi, Kenya
Paul and Rachel at Lake Naivasha, Kenya